About the Author

Photo by Angela Gaul of Milestone Images

Photo by Angela Gaul of Milestone Images

Elsa E. Sjunneson-Henry lives in Jersey City with her husband, and two cats. She is a feminist scholar, disability rights activist, and burlesque historian. She drinks too much tea, knits obsessively, and writes all day every day.
For work, she does research consultation, editing, and lecturing. If you are interested in contracting her for one of these services, please email the author, or contact her on twitter.
Feminist Sonar is on…
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Conference Schedule 2013:

Boston Burlesque Expo 2013 – March 29-31.

I will be teaching an obscenity law workshop and a course on physical and invisible disabilities and how burlesque producers can better work with disabled performers and audience members!


2 responses to “About the Author

  1. I love your blog. I have Macular Degeneration and am slowly losing my eyesight. I also knit, write and am a photographer. My educational background is in Sociology (Social Work emphasis) but I am not working outside the home at the moment. I would love to correspond with you. My contact info is below. (Also I have many many tea recommendations and crockpot recipes, come to the dark side!)

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