My heart is breaking today. I have no way to stop the pain happening in Connecticut right now. No way to give comfort to those who will need it most.

I remember when it was Columbine I was in school; everyone terrified it might happen to us too.
I remember when it was Virginia Tech. I was in college; the same age as many involved.
Today, all I can say is murdering, no, executing, children seems so far past the pale, that finally perhaps something will be done.  Perhaps people will listen.

Gun control needs to be taken seriously. Children were killed today. Children were murdered in their school. A place they should be safe.

Watching the journalists praise children for having survived, for being tough – this doesn’t happen in America. 8 year olds shouldn’t be praised for their bravery in the face of gunfire. They shouldn’t have to experience that in the first place. This cannot be allowed to stand.

We can no longer give in to sacrificing lives for some kind of liberty. There is no kind of liberty that allows someone to shoot children. We have put off this conversation time and again. After Columbine. After Virginia Tech. After Aurora. The question is not “If not now, when?” No. Now is the time. Now is the time to give future generations a safe country.

I will no longer stand by. Please join me in standing up and saying no.


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December 14, 2012 · 3:25 pm

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