But I want to see “The Hobbit” too!

I am a nerd. I love scifi, fantasy, you name it – I probably want to watch it. And yes, I probably want to go on opening day.

But there has been a sneaky trend in the last few years, one which made it impossible to see “Thor” in the theater after 4pm or on the weekend. One which made picking a time to see “Skyfall” or “The Avengers” a bit of a challenge. In fact, I’ve taken to asking when I arrive at a movie theater to buy my tickets… .

“Please tell me this isn’t in 3D”

So, let’s take a quick trip through science land!

3D is seen through glasses with different colors over each eye. One of your two eyes sees slightly different images, so that when the final image comes together in your brain – voila! Things jumping out at you, etc.

So, about that having two eyes thing….? Yeah. That’ll be a problem for me.

The trend towards 3D all Day All The Time presents the issue of my never wanting to go see movies. I’d rather stay home and rent. But I want to go see “The Hobbit” with my friends, or when other fantastical films come out on the big screen. I’d be happy with at least one blind friendly showing that isn’t at 11am when everyone and their 3 month old infant is at the movie too.

I get that maybe I’m the only one eyed patron at my movie theater, but there have to be other people who go to the theaters I do that are prone to motion sickness, or simply don’t enjoy 3D. Quite seriously, it’s just not fun for everyone.

And the fact is, there’s the threat that 3D may become the norm on home video as well, making my issue doubly problematic. So if any of you readers manage an AMC or a Regal in the NY Metro area, think of the one eyed and save me from this crap.
{this post is part of the very seldom used “get off my lawn” tag. Because everyone’s cranky about something.}



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8 responses to “But I want to see “The Hobbit” too!

  1. Joe

    It isn’t just the (mostly) blind who would prefer non-3D showings. Most 3D is crap and adds little to the viewing experience except a lighter wallet.

  2. Bethany

    3D gives me a terrible migraine, so I feel you! I guess our age of having to have the most technologically advanced things possible is finally catching up with real life.

  3. There are 2D glasses available at ThinkGeek for those of us who get migraines/motion sickness, but I don’t know if it would help you. Here’s a link. http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e9b4/?pfm=Search&t=2d%20glasses (Forgive me for being too lazy to format; I’m having a rough day.)

    • It won’t help me out because I only see out of one eye and the 2D glasses are still reliant upon vision out of two eyes – but for those with binocular vision it would probably be useful.
      I do hope your day improves – no need to apologize!

  4. MimI

    I absolutely loathe 3D! I always take the 2D option if it’s available, and I resent it when only the 3D version is released.
    This crap isn’t even 3D, it’s 3D-like effects added by computer after filming is completed using the same filming as is done for 2D. At least the (equally objectionable) 3D of the pre 21st century filming was really 3D. Junk like Clash of the Titans is not.
    3D will NOT become the norm, either for films or for TV, no matter how much producers want it to, as it’s an excuse to jack up prices. Too many people hate it , and those who actually like it are too often disappointed by non 3D films pretending to be 3D via [post production added computer effects. This fad will burn itself out, just like it has several times over the last few decades of film making

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