Election Day is Here!

So I’m going to ask you to vote!

I already did!


I voted for Referendum 74, I’m sad we have to vote for equality, but happy I can show my support.


So vote. Vote because you have the right. Vote because you believe in your candidate.

I’m living in a city where we just experienced a natural disaster, water came up my street, electricity and cell phone service were down. So for me, Romney’s comment about getting rid of FEMA doesn’t sit well. Vote because you believe in something.
Vote because you need to. Vote because women and men fought for your right to vote at some point in the last 200 years.

And vote because my cat says so.


Tinycat will look like this if you don’t vote. Don’t make my kitty facepalm.


So – Happy Voting Day! I’ll be covering the results tomorrow, and hopefully be fully back on track sometime by the end of this week!


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