National Voter Registration Day

For those of you in the United States – please remember to register to vote! I’m going to be harping on this a lot in the next few weeks.

We cannot complain about things not changing if we do not participate in our own democracy. Please make sure you do.

National Voter Registration Day Website

I’ll admit that I’m frustrated by my state’s voting system. Why? Because they don’t give visually impaired voters the right to a large print or braille ballot. In order to vote in the state of WA with a visual impairment, you have to go to the ballot office and are given 2 representatives (one from each party) to help fill out your ballot. To me, that’s not accessible, that’s just irritating.



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2 responses to “National Voter Registration Day

  1. That does sound irritating. In my state, Pennsylvania, we’re waiting to see whether our voter ID law will be enjoined (with the state courts punting the case back and forth). I’m a local judge of elections, and if the law isn’t enjoined, November will be a mess. For us, it’s not just about getting registered. It’s also about making sure registered voters have the right identification.

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