Adaptive Technology Should Not Cost More

Normally, I will not ask my readers to sign petitions – and I recognize that their effectiveness is somewhat disputable. But today I’m writing about this because the Iphone has been an excellent tool for me.

With GPS Maps, I’ve been able to figure out where I am, and get lost far less frequently. My Iphone lets me change font size and get magnification.
FaceTime is a great way to give Deaf customers technology which will change the way they communicate with their friends. As a hearing impaired person, while I do not need to use sign, I fully appreciate the extremely important nature of the improvements technology have made in our lives.

AT&T charging deaf customers for a voice plan is asking them to pay for a service that they will probably never use. Allowing them to pay for services rendered is practical. Asking them to pay for services left entirely unused is not.

Here is the link to the petition:


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