The Land of the Glitterati

So, The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender was this month. I went. I worked a lot. It was amazing! Legends told me their life stories, I danced until 4am two nights in a row, I developed a routine I’m absurdly excited about, I got to spend a lot of time with my mom and MARINKA THE QUEEN OF THE AMAZONS DID MY MAKEUP.


I’ve started the process of editing photos. While I do that I realize just how much respect I have for the women of the burlesque world. Of the acts which I saw that weekend, there were several which stood out in my mind as pieces that changed me, just a little bit.

I was so inspired by the women I saw perform, by the Legends who told me their stories, and the people I call my friends.

it was also really lovely to see my friends be honored for the work they do, and merely to see the people I love dancing for our community.

I’d like to share one photo from my adventure – it’s presently unedited, but will be updated later. I like to call this one Ophelia on Fire.



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